Look Inside THE FLASH’s ‘Family Of Rogues’ With Clip And Featurette

New clip and featurette tease THE FLASH Season 2, Episode 3 before it airs!

The Flash returns for its third episode of Season 2 tonight, but you can get tons of details before it airs thanks to a new clip and featurette!

First, check out what happens when Team Flash first encounters the Speed Cannon, complete with Barry testing it out, and talks about the possibilities that could help Jay Garrick return to Earth-2!

Don’t worry, Jay Garrick fans, with an Earth-2 villain like Zoom on the loose, we seriously doubt Jay will be leaving the team anytime soon.

Perhaps even more telling is this inside look as tonight’s episode, in which Executive Producer Gabrielle Stanton hints at a deep, dark West Family secret surrounding the return of Iris’ mom, Francine, and delves into the devious ways of the Snart family!

The next episode of The Flash, ‘Family of Rogues’, airs tonight at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT on The CW.

clip and featurette

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