LORD OF SHADOWS snippet featuring Julian and Emma art

This Julian and Emma art by Cassandra Jean shows the parabatai tempting fate in Lord of Shadows.

The parabatai bond between Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs doesn’t seem to be strong enough to get these two to stop their hearts from feeling something more for each other. And it shows in this Julian and Emma art by Cassandra Jean.

Accompanying the romantic blue and red drawing is another bittersweet snippet from Cassandra Clare‘s book, Lord of Shadows. Lord of Shadows is the second book from The Dark Artifices trilogy, which follows the Shadowhunters from the Los Angeles Institute, mainly the Blackthorn family, and their close friend Emma Carstairs.

If you really need the warning, here it is: *Spoilers below*

“It can’t last,” Emma said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”

He caught her by the wrist, brought her hand to his chest. Splayed her fingers over his heart. It beat against her palm, like a fist punching its way out of his ribcage. “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

Overview via Goodreads:

The streets of Los Angeles are dangerous even for Shadowhunters as skilled as Emma Carstairs and her battle partner, Julian Blackthorn. Emma and Julian have slain hundreds of demons together, but their personal battles and desperate attraction to each other threaten their longstanding friendship, as does the presence of Julian s older brother, Mark. Mark was kidnapped by the faeries brutal and bloodthirsty Wild Hunt five years ago. He defied the fey to remain with his family, but the faeries do not relinquish a captive easily.

With a new enemy on the horizon and a new mystery to solve, Emma, Julian, and Mark must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear before it s too late.

Lord of Shadows isn’t expecte in stores until May 23, 2017, so don’t be surprised when more of these snippets show until then.

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