Lorien Legacies final book title revealed

We have a title for the Lorien Legacies final book

It’s been a long and treacherous journey for John Smith and those close to him, and ever since I Am Number Four was released five years ago, we’ve been with him every step of the way.  Now the journey is finally about to come to a conclusion and we now have a title for the Lorien Legacies final book.


United As One definitely has a closing ring to it, and although we’ll miss reading about the lives of John Smith, Six, Sam, Nine, Miranda, Ten, Adam, Bernie Kosar, and maybe even Five, I’m looking forward to seeing how the series will conclude.

I can’t say I’m not scared for each of them, as with books, sometimes our favorite characters don’t survive, but still, I’m hoping for an exciting and fitting closure to an pretty cool series.

United as One comes out June 28, 2016.

And if you don’t know what to do with yourself until the release, the fourteenth The Lost Files novella, Last Defense, is set to be released on February 23rd.


About the Lorien Legacies series (from Goodreads):

The series follow the story of nine human-looking aliens brought to Earth when they were six years old. Their purpose is to grow into their powers and return to their planet, Lorien, and get it back from the evil Mogadorians. The teenagers have been protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order and by non-gifted guardians called Cêpan.

Up to the beginning of the book six have survived and reached 15 years. As their powers, their Legacies, start to develop they can’t stay hidden anymore.



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