LOST’s Daniel Dae Kim Cast As Candor Leader in INSURGENT

Daniel Dae Kim has been cast as Candor leader Jack Kang in INSURGENT, the sequel to Summit’s hit film, DIVERGENT!



In the books, Tris and her supporters in Dauntless take refuge in Candor headquarters at Merchandise Mart. Jack Kang, Candor’s representative in the government system, is most famous for putting Tris and the others under the effects of truth serum to find out exactly what happened between the Dauntless and Jeanine. He’s also responsible for arranging the meeting that leads to Max’s death and Eric’s trial.

Daniel Dae Kim is best known for his breakout role on LOST. He currently stars on HAWAII FIVE-0 and voices Hiroshi Sato on THE LEGEND OF KORRA.


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