Luke Evans Tweets BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Luke Evans shows off his vocal bravado in a new look at BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

My, what a guy! Luke Evans is set to play cocky suitor Gaston in Disney’s live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, so it’s no surprise that he looks very confident in a new behind-the-scenes photo he tweeted!

In the photo, Evans and co-star Josh Gad, who will play Gaston’s loyal friend and servant Le Fou, are recording their rendition of “Gaston”. The song, of course, is Le Fou’s ode to his very manly buddy after Gaston is harshly rejected by Belle.

Filming is set to begin sometime this month at Pinewood Studios in London, but it looks like the cast is still finishing up with their vocal recordings before it begins.


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