Meet Lysander in new print for Pierce Brown’s IRON GOLD

A new print for Pierce Brown’s upcoming IRON GOLD novel has just been revealed and features Lysander au Lune. 

Lysander au Lune, the young grandson of the unseated Sovereign from the Red Rising trilogy, returns for Iron Gold in Pierce Brown’s highly anticipated novel. It seems he’ll have a much larger role in the new series, which takes place ten years after the end of Morning Star.

We’ve already seen one print of another character, Lyria, a Red freed from the mines of Mars. And now we have this print of Lysander, and doesn’t he look stoic!

Character art by Magali Villeneuve.

Included is a description of Lysander:

Grandson of the deposed Sovereign, Lysander au Lune was spared by Darrow ten years ago on the condition that he would live under the tutelage of Cassius au Bellona. When investigating a crippled ship in deep space, Lysander and Cassius rescue a mysterious Gold woman and, in doing so, are thrust into the center of a violent coup among the Golds of the Rim. Will Lysander follow Cassius’ teachings, or will he choose to forge his own bloody destiny among the Golds?

It’ll be interesting to see how both Lyria and Lysander connect in the story.

If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area and plan on going to Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend, Pierce Brown be there for panels and signings. And if you hit the Random House booth #1697 and whisper “Break the Chains,” you just might be able to snag both exclusive prints of Lyria and Lysander.

For Pierce Brown’s PHXCC schedule, check it out here.

You can also pre-order Iron Gold on Amazon, which comes January 2018.

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