Madison Banks On Her Flu Shot in FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Promo

Think a flu shot can save you from that fast-spreading Walker-inducing virus? Think again!

Madison (Kim Dickens) doesn’t take it too seriously when word of a deadly virus turning humans into monsters is reported. It sounds just a little too far-fetched. In fact, she’s not even concerned about the virus bit. In a new preview for Fear The Walking Dead, Madison tells a co-worker that she’s not at all concerned because hey, she just got her flu shot!

This snippet is one in a series of short, foreboding teasers released by AMC. A full trailer for the show, as well as an official release date, is expected at San Diego Comic Con later this week.

See how a flu shot stands up to those Walkers when Fear The Walking Dead premieres on AMC this August.

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