Mae Whitman is THE DUFF in New Trailer and Poster

The new trailer for the movie adaptation of Kody Keplinger’s YA novel THE DUFF is now online!

Mae Whitman plays Bianca, who is devastated after she discovers her crush and his friends refer to her as The DUFF (The Designated Ugly, Fat Friend) among her group of friends. In the aftermath, Bianca turns to a classmate to help her figure out were she’s “gone wrong”.

There’s also a really cute new poster for the film!


Besides the slightly ridiculousness of calling a toned down Mae Whitman fat or ugly, THE DUFF is surprising fans with a pretty different plot from the book, including the addition of Bella Thorne’s mean girl character, Madison.

Last May, author Kody Keplinger had this to say about the changes:

I’m not involved with the production and I don’t know where this version of The DUFF will take us, but as long as it’s a good movie with themes that stay true to those of the story, I’m okay with the plot itself taking some different turns. In fact, I’m very curious to see what those turns will be.

The jury’s still out, but we’re hoping this will be more MEAN GIRLS or EASY A than your typical teen movie.


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