THE MAGICIANS Conjures Up First Season 2 Scene, Behind the Scenes Peek

THE MAGICIANS unveils first Season 2 glimpse at Comic-Con!

The Magicians were left defeated and separated at the end of Season 1. Each went on their own path, lost and confused. But we’re catching up with one of the characters in the very first scene of Season 2, which was recently released at San Diego Comic-Con!

The clip focuses in on Quentin as he makes his way through the enchanted Fillory forest, only to come across a candy-covered house that certainly seems to be the one we all know from popular children’s tales. The woman inside claims she’s just a healer and gardening enthusiast living on her own, but we all know something is up.

A behind-the-scenes video from The Magicians panel at SDCC shows lots of different scenes for Season 2 being filmed, mainly focusing in on the logistics behind getting the perfect shot and the cast goofing off between takes!

We’ll see more from Quentin and his friends when The Magicians returns to Syfy for Season 2, though an exact premiere date hasn’t been pinned down quite yet.

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