Watch THE MAGICIANS Sneak Peek of “Remedial Battle Magic”

Watch a clip from The Magicians’ 11th episode, titled “Remedial Battle Magic” and see what Quentin and Alice are up to 

In “Remedial Battle Magic,” the eleventh episode of Syfy’s The Magicians, it looks like Quentin (Jason Ralph) and Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley) are up against The Beast, but what will be the consequences for facing off against such a powerful and sinister magic?

The consequences of prepping for battle with the Beast go beyond battle scars.  Plus: Julia opens a door she may not be able to close.

There are only three more episodes to go, but it’s good to know the series will return for a second season, because I adore this series!  It’s quirky, dark, funny, and dramatic.  Oh, and there’s magic!

The Magicians airs on Mondays at 9pm on Syfy, and “Remedial Battle Magic” airs on Monday, March 28th.   And check out some of the lovely ladies from the series.

THE MAGICIANS -- "Remedial Battle Magic" Episode 111 -- Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice

THE MAGICIANS -- "Remedial Battle Magic" - Jade Tailor as Kady Orloff-Diaz

THE MAGICIANS -- "Remedial Battle Magic" -- Summer Bishil as Margo

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