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Janet, aka Margo, meets a Fillorian god in this THE MAGICIANS Season 4 Clip

NYCC gives us our first look at what’s to come in the first episode of season 4 of THE MAGICIANS.

Meet Janet, a fashion editor, who is having a very drug-induced-like dream where she meets a god with horns. The horned god, who also happens to be surrounded by the cutest of kittens, is sending her a warning, but she’s not getting. But why would she, right? She’s just a fashion executive. Oh, but this is The Magicians, and she’s not just Janet, she’s also Margo (Summer Bishil), the High King of Fillory, and she needs to fix the ever increasing problem in her kingdom. 

Of course, Janet needs to get her memory back, as do the rest of the group, including Quentin, who’s currently Brian, and who might be in the worst trouble considering the last we saw of him, he was confronted by some evil monster possessing Eliot’s body, possibly a “hostile or uninvited god” that has landed on Fillorian soil.

So, even though magic has been restored, the danger looks to have increased. Are you ready? Season 4 of The Magicians premieres January 23, 2019.


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