Margaret Stohl To Take On Reality TV Families In New Novel, ROYCE ROLLS

Margaret Stohl will move to comedy and satirize reality TV fame in her latest novel, ROYCE ROLLS.

Have you ever watched one of the umpteen famous family-based reality shows and wonder “What are they famous for, anyway?” Everyone else is wondering the same thing too! That’s why Margaret Stohl, author of the Icons series and co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series, is taking on those types in her upcoming novel, Royce Rolls!

From Publishers Weekly:

Royce Rolls by Margaret Stohl, which follows the exploits of a famous-for-being-famous L.A. family starring in their own reality show and the 16-year-old daughter who wants out.

As evidenced by the description and Stohl’s tweets following the announcement, Royce Rolls is much more comedic and satirical than her previous works:

This book looks like its going to be a super fun read!

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