Marie Lu Would Love to See Ben Barnes in a ‘LEGEND’ Movie

I had met Marie Lu at Comic-Con in 2012, and at the time I had not read her books.  Now that I am officially a Day fan, I can say that I’m glad to have met her.  She writes what might be considered a simple story, but it’s packed with emotion and unique characters that I’d love to see and read more of.

Ben Barnes

“I know you can’t find someone that’s exactly the way that I picture them in my head. I think they’ll do a pretty good job casting them in general. There’s only one character that I wrote with an actor in my head, and that was Metias, June’s brother. I always pictured Ben Barnes. I just love Ben Barnes. I’m going to cast him in anything that I write. I’ll squeeze him in there.”

And then there’s the fact that Day, one of the main protagonists, is without a doubt part Mongolian, not something really common in Hollywood’s collection of usual suspects.

“My fingers are crossed that they will at least keep the casting open to the ethnicities that are mentioned in the book. That would be ideal. I know you can’t always find a half-Asian, half-Caucasian actor who is perfect for the role … who has blue eyes and blond hair.”

It’s certainly something all of us would like to keep our fingers crossed about.  Sure, it’s not like his ethnicity plays a part in the story, but there are other cultures that can experience dramatic tension and tragedy as well.  And it would just be callous to not take into consideration the character Marie described and have people see him as a lead.

Not only that, but Marie put her heart into this thing and we need to show some respect for it, and cry into our pillows.

“I cried into my pillow a lot at night.”

See, just like she said.

via VH1 Celebrity.

By Kait

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