Marissa Meyer Gives Us An Excerpt From ‘Stars Above’

So I don’t know about you folks out there but the only genre I gravitate to when it comes to books is the YA genre. My first journey into YA Sci-Fi books was with Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. I will admit, I wasn’t that drawn to it when I saw the book ‘Cinder‘ floating around on Booklr but I grabbed it anyway and once I read it I kinda fell in love with the series!

Just this week Marissa’s newest book in the Lunar Chronicles titled ‘Winter’ hit stores and I am making instant grabby hands! To celebrate it’s release, she released an exclusive excerpt from Stars Above which is  her upcoming novella if you will.

Stars Above was originally going to include two original stories, and four that had been published elsewhere — but Meyer went above (get it?) and beyond, writing five brand-new stories, including a prequel and epilogue to Winter. (x)

The excerpt from Stars Above was released exclusively for EW so if you want to read the WHOLE thing you gotta head over there, however here is a snippet of whats to come in the story:

“Good afternoon, Crown Prince Kaito. What is your destination?” the hover asked in an artificially feminine voice.

He rubbed away a bead of sweat before it could drip down his temple. “The market at city center.”

The hover lifted off the street and glided away from the palace, taking the looping drive around the protective exterior wall before dipping down the hill toward New Beijing. Through the dark-paned glass, Kai could see his city shimmering with waves of heat, the windows and metal structures glinting beneath the afternoon sun.

He loved his city. He loved his country.

He would risk anything to protect it.

Winter is in stores now so go pick up a copy and keep your eyes peeled for Stars Above!


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