Marissa Meyer on THE LUNAR CHRONICLES Themes, Fan Art, and More!

Marissa Meyer, author of THE LUNAR CHRONICLES, talked to Addicted about selling a sci-fi fairytale, how she planned and wrote out the series, and the fandom love from all around the Internet!


CH: I’m thrilled with the arc of your series – something every writer struggles to keep fresh. I think part of your success is in your ability to weave new characters into the storyline with each new book, while adding to the original tale. How did you decide which characters or fairytales you would focus on in this series?

MM: Thank you! I gave a lot of thought to how the stories would intertwine very early on in the process, and even outlined all four books before I started writing them. In the beginning, I was just brainstorming different sci-fi twists that I could give on some of my favorite fairy tales, and I felt like the four stories that I ended up choosing were the four that I had the best ideas for, and could most easily envision how they would all tie together to become one continuous story. So I went with it!

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