Marissa Meyer Reads An Excerpt from FAIREST

Prepare yourself for Queen Levana’s story, FAIREST, with a new excerpt read by the author!

THE LUNAR CHRONICLES author Marissa Meyer is totally ready for the publication of her latest book in the series, FAIREST. So ready, in fact, that she’s reading a bit to fans right now.

Despite being the fourth book in the series, FAIREST is a prequel to all the other books and novellas from her world of clever, dazzling sci-fi fairy tale reinventions. Meyer admitted that she meant to write the book as a novella only during National Novel Writing Month in 2013, but it grew into something much bigger and more complex than she originally intended.

You can along check out the first written page of the novel here!

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FAIREST hits shelves on January 27th, 2014.


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