Mark Gatiss Teases SHERLOCK Christmas Special Plot

SHERLOCK is apparently going to the Gingers in the 2015 Christmas special.

The SHERLOCK set has been ripped wide open recently thanks to fans eagerly gathering to watch as Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and the rest of the cast film the upcoming Christmas special on-site throughout London and its surrounding towns, but the exact plot of the special hasn’t been hinted at much, at this point.

That is, until showrunner Mark Gatiss dropped a major hint:

In Arthur Conan Doyle’s SHERLOCK detective series, there is indeed a pawnbroker named Jabez Wilson. He’s only featured in one storyline: THE ADVENTURE OF THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE.

Gatiss’ comment under the photo pretty much confirms that the special will be following that story arc. It seems that there will be a time twist, however, as all the actors involved have been filming in very strict Victorian era costumes for the occasion.

SHERLOCK continues to film in the London area, but production is expected to be finishing up very soon.