Mark Romanek leaves Disney’s Live-Action Cinderella Adaptation

Mark Romanek

Director Mark Romanek has dropped out of the live adaptation of Cinderella he has working on alongside Disney.

The split from the project is rumored to have been caused by artistic differences. Romanek, the director of films like One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go, envisioned a much darker version of the tale than Disney was willing to allow. We think there are some dark elements on the tale that definitely need to be exposed, but this still has the Disney name attached and will be expected to cater to family audiences, meaning it can’t go it Snow White and the Huntsman territory.

However, the show will go on. Disney is currently looking for another director for the movie and Cate Blanchett is still attached to play the evil stepmother. There have been auditions for the role of Cinderella, but no decision has been announced.