Martin Freeman discusses SHERLOCK with Mark Gatiss


Mark Gatiss does a lot on Sherlock. He co-creates, he acts, he writes, and he also apparently interviews the stars of the show. For Radio Times, he spoke with Martin Freeman, and the results are both humorous and enlightening.

Martin Freeman is a clotheshorse. I don’t mean you should put him in front of your gran’s fire and watch steam come off him (although you could if you wanted to). No, he’s looking as trim and dapper as the Sherlock team have come to expect as we take a little time out from the Radio Times photoshoot to discuss his return to the role of Dr John Watson.

By common consent he’s brilliant in the part, and won a Bafta for his performance in the first series. With two new episodes in the can, he’s just returned from New Zealand doing two months of final work on The Hobbit before we all reconvene for episode three. He’s understandably tired: “I always am around this time in the series. I think the schedules on this show are quite brutal – The Hobbit is a doddle, actually, comparatively. So yeah, I’m quite tired, but I have to say I’m enjoying it. I have to say I’m enjoying it,” he laughs. “It’s contractual!”

Read the full interview here.