Marvel Announces New Hellcat Series

Kate Leth is at it again! She has teamed up with Marvel and artist Brittney Williams to bring a new comic to the world in the form of Patsy Walker aka Hellcat.

The comic will be appropriately named ‘Patsy Walker aka Hellcat’ and has been described as a “superhero version of Trainwreck or Broad City“.

“— a comedic and action-packed story about a woman figuring out her life,” series editor Wil Moss tells Yahoo. “Except Abbi and Ilana have never had to deal with crime waves, a supervillain temp agency, or an ex who is literally the son of Satan.” (x)

Patsy Walker started off in the 1944 comic series ‘Patsy and Hedy’ which was a Marvel spin on Betty and Veronica. She was introduced as Hellcat in 1975 and has been one of many fan favorites since.

You’ll be able to see Patsy in a live action form in the Netflix series Marvel’s Jessica Jones who will be played by Rachel Taylor.


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