Marvel Celebrates ANT-MAN Blu-ray With Deleted Scene, More Bloopers

ANT-MAN Blu-ray featurettes show hilarity that didn’t make it into the movie!

The Ant-Man Blu-ray dropped into stores yesterday, just in time for the holidays, and Marvel is celebrating by giving fans even more glimpses into its making!

Check out a new deleted scenes that shows Scott Lang’s friends taking advantage of the Ant-Man suit for a get rich quick scheme, then heading back to Scott’s apartment for a little celebration for their new fortune. While amusing, it was probably cut because it goes against the narrative that Scott is working to straighten out his life.

There’s also even more footage for the film’s blooper reel. We saw some other portions in a previous featurette but this one is full of funny faces, word flubs, tripping, a bit of potty mouth, and plenty of ad-libing from Scott’s hilarious crew of petty criminals!

So, it seems Cassie Lang would be a big fan of Captain America. “Language!”

Ant-Man is out on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray now.

Ant-Man blu-ray

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