Marvel Releases Even More Gag Reel, Commentary, and Screen Tests From Phase 2

More antics, chatter, and sneak peeks at Phase 2 of the MCU!

As if the Marvel Phase 2 collection wasn’t already on your holiday wishlist, the comics based on-screen juggernaut is sweetening the deal with even more peeks at what’s to come in this ultimate look at Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Didn’t catch the earlier peeks? Check them out here!

First, check out a new snippet of the collection’s gag reel with line flubs, failed stunts, and plenty of attitude from the celebrities who play some of the world’s move recognizable characters.

“Cut the check!”

Next, All Hail The King one-shot director Drew Pierce gives some commentary on Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin’s kooky acting double and the acting mastery it takes to so seamlessly go between the two different types of madmen he portrays.

Not enough Iron Man 3 for you? Here’s a very young Ty Simpkins, who made a big splash this summer in Jurassic World, during his screen test for the character of Harley Kenner, the young boy who helps Tony rebuild after The Mandarin destroys him!

The Marvel Phase 2 Collection is available now.

phase 2 collection

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