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Marvel Shows Off Charlie Cox as DAREDEVIL

Two new official photos from DAREDEVIL show the Man Without Fear in and out of crime fighting mode.

Marvel is making an unprecedented move to Netflix, starting in early 2015 with the small screen version of DAREDEVIL!

To get fans ready for the edgy 13 episodes coming soon, Entertainment Weekly featured both a kickass and a casual shot of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, as portrayed by Charlie Cox (BOARDWALK EMPIRE)!


The Daredevil costume is simpler than the one featured in the movie version starring Ben Affleck, but it works for this origin story. It very closely resembles that costume seen in John Romita Jr’s THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR comic upon which this incarnation of the character was based.

DAREDEVIL is the first of several series that Marvel will debut on Netflix. Other series coming in the next few years include JESSICA JONES (with Krysten Ritter set to star), LUKE CAGE, and IRON FIST, culminating in THE DEFENDERS.


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