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Marvel’s JESSICA JONES Announces Release Date With Stylish Debut Trailer

Get your first look at JESSICA JONES in a colorful, stylish teaser!

Marvel and Netflix have released the first trailer for the upcoming series Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter and David Tennant! The stylish, bursting look into the latest from Marvel television hearkens back to the original Alias #1 comic and also announces the official premiere date for the series: November 20th, 2015!

The promo features the tagline “It’s time the world knew her name”, noting the character’s introduction but also hints at Jessica’s past as the superhero, Jewel. Over the sounds of ‘Thousand Eyes’ by Of Monsters and Men, you’ll also hear David Tennant’s villainous Purple Man whispering the main character’s name creepily in the background.

Did you notice the Avengers tower in the background shot of the city? Marvel doesn’t miss a detail!

Jessica Jones is the second of five series adaptations Marvel will release through Netflix. It was preceded by the smash hit Daredevil and will be followed by the individual series Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Eventually, the four superheroes and their friends will come together in The Defenders series.


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