Mary E. Pearson Writing New Duology Set In REMNANT CHRONICLES Universe

THE REMNANT CHRONICLES universe will be back in a brand new duology!

Mary E. Pearson is returning to the world of The Remnant Chronicles with an exciting new protagonist!

Publishers Weekly says publisher Henry Holt sealed a six-figure deal with the popular YA author for the Dance of Thieves duology, which will give fans a new take on the fantasy world they already know and love.

Here’s the description:

…the book centers on a “reformed thief” who is “sent by the Queen of Venda to investigate a disturbance in a distant land.” There, she “finds herself matching wits with the leader of an outlaw dynasty as she tries to uncover the dangerous secret his family hides.”

The first book in the duology is due out in spring 2018.

By Molly

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