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Maryse Tries to Double-Cross Valentine in SHADOWHUNTERS Deleted Scene

The Lightwood matriarch is getting tricky in a new SHADOWHUNTERS deleted scene!

Shadowhunters is showing us a dark and wonderful new side of Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correira-Damude) in a deleted scene from episode 14, “The Fair Folk”!

Long ago, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood’s parents, Robert and Maryse, were members of Valentine’s radical Shadowhunter offshoot hellbent on destroying the Downworld known as The Circle. They betrayed Valentine and were sent to the New York Institute, far away from their home in Idris, as punishment.

After a long while away, Maryse came back to the New York Institute to be with her children in the last episode of Shadowhunters. She reconnected with her children and Luke in some of the show’s more profound scenes, winning the episode in a lot of ways. However, her loyalties are still in question in this lengthy deleted scene in which Maryse has a chat with Valentine.

Whew! Mama Lightwood is on team good! Despite some seriously great lying skills, we never doubted her, right? RIGHT?!

Shadowhunters returns tonight with “A Problem of Memory” on Freeform.

By Kait

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