Matched Quiz: Week 8 answer

The answer to ‘At what age do you receive the blue tablet?’ is 10!!!!

Just for some information about the 3 pills…

The blue pill is so called from The Society to have enough nutrients to keep the citizens alive for several days, along with water. But, this is not true. If a person ingests a blue pill, they will become ill and die soon after ingestion unless medical attention has been provided from The Society. Being on the end of the string of survival, people may eat more than one blue pill, and therefore die quickly.

The green pill is given to you at a certain age. Green pills automatically calm you which helps you if you are in a panic, or scared and have an anxiety attack. You can take it once a week, without the Officials taking notice, but you are allowed to take it as a maximum of one a day. Cassia holds a promise with her grandfather, that she will never take the green pill, as the believes Cassia is strong to go without. Mentioned in Matched. 

The red pill is given to you a few years after the green pill. This pill is not allowed to be taken, unless told by the Officials. Rumors has it that the red pill can kill you. When Cassia finds out that Ky is being taken away, they are required to take the red pill, which Cassia realizes erases your memory for the past twelve hours. Red pills are taken after traumatic events, that The Society does not want other people to know about. However, some people are immune to the effects that take place from this pill and only pretend to forget the previous events.

These are the three tablets that each member of the Society are required to carry.