Check out the Darth Maul Scene from SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY

The biggest surprise appearance from SOLO: A STAR WAR STORY can now be seen ahead of the Digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray release.

The digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray versions of Solo: A Star Wars Story will be coming out soon, so what better way to get people excited about owning a copy of the movie than to release the biggest twist in the movie, right?

Yes, Lucasfilm has released the scene in which we find out who Qi’Ra (played by Emilia Clarke) is really working for, and it wasn’t Dryden Vos. Sure, she was there at Dryden’s side during most of the second half of the movie, but apparently they were both under orders from one Maul (Ray Park, making a return to play physical role of the former Sith Lord turned Crimson Dawn Crime Boss), a character who was resurrected in the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars, which serves as canon in the Disney Star Wars Universe.

Because of how the clip, and the movie, ended, it seemed that there is a possibility that Disney/Lucasfilm would make a sequel, but unfortunately, there hasn’t been any hints of that. If it does happen, would you be interested in seeing it if Maul was involved in it more? We would!

Solo: A Star Wars story comes out on digital Friday, September 14th, and on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, September 25th.


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