MAXIMUM RIDE To Fly Under Marvel’s Wing for Comic Book Series

For those fans of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, you’re in for a treat.  You might’ve thought the series ended a while back, but it seems it’s far from over.  Not only is there going to be another novel titled Maximum Ride Forever, which comes out May 2015 (pushed back from January 2015), but now Patterson has joined with Marvel in creating a comic book series from the franchise.

James Patterson’s Max Ride: First Flight will feature the talents of writer Marguerite Bennett (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin, Amazing X-Men) and artist Alex Sanchez (Elektra) and will follow the fast paced adventures of Max, a teenage girl who, due to genetic tampering, is part human and part avian and Marvel Comics is set to elevate Max and her “flock” into an even bigger pop-culture property.

Series editor, Sana Amanat, says, “At Marvel we’re always looking to create bold stories that push expectations and attract new audiences into the world of comics—and that’s what we plan to do with ‘Max Ride’. It’s the familiar world of Maximum Ride told through the thrilling Marvel narrative. We’re taking a heart-pounding adventure and giving it an extra shot of adrenaline.”

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, James isn’t concerned about changes to the storyline, as he’s given Marvel license to design the series in their way, stating, “I’ve given Marvel license. In fact, I’ve encouraged them to make this Marvel’s ‘Maximum Ride,’ so I expect some changes in the story.”

It will be released as a 5-part mini comic book series, and will come out in the Spring of 2015.  Yes, we know there’s also a manga version of the Maximum Ride series, but hey, who says there can’t be multiple formats, right?