MAZE RUNNER Director Releases Statement Following Dylan O’Brien’s On Set Injury

Wes Ball praises Dylan O’Brien as “one tough cookie” following Death Cure injury!

Wes Ball, the director behind all three films in The Maze Runner series is speaking out about Dylan O’Brien’s injuries on the set of the third and final film, Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

O’Brien was reportedly run over by a car on set and suffered multiple broken bones. However, studio representatives have not confirmed exactly what happened nor the extent of the actor’s injuries. It’s unclear whether or not the incident was part of a stunt for the film, though many assume that’s the case. Several members of the cast have already spoken out about the incident including Chris Sheffield, who said “don’t believe everything you hear.”

Here is Wes Ball’s statement, which confronts the “anger and sadness and guilt” he feels surrounding the incident:

In case you’re having a little trouble with the smaller writing, it reads:

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions these past few days. I’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of anger and sadness and guilt. But, ultimately I find myself left with just a deep sense of love and respect for Dylan. He is one tough cookie. I’m sorry for the grief this accident cause his friends and family as well as my wonderful cast and crew. It’s scary seeing your friend get hurt, but thankfully, Dylan is going to be just fine. After a few weeks of rest and recovery he’ll be back up and running to finish our adventure together. All the best. – Wes

Production on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been temporarily stopped while Dylan O’Brien recovers from his injuries.


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