Maze Runner Dream Cast Week 5: Newt

Hey Gladers!

Last week, Chuck was featured, and you all voted for Alex Ferris! He is now a part of our Maze Runner family. Welcome, Alex! Today, our feature presentation is Newt! Newt is also one of the first boys in the maze, and is a very kind, understanding friend towards Thomas. If I recall correctly, I think he also had a limp? Leave a comment letting me know. Anyway, here are our Newts!

Graham Patrick Martin is currently playing the character Eldridge on “Two and a Half Men.” Martin has also made appearances on Disney and Nick shows such as “iCarly,” and “Good Luck Charlie.” He has a face I would deem kind and trustworthy, and that’s exactly the feel Newt gives off.

Devon Gearhart has played small roles in different genres, showing he is a diverse actor. He has been in the TV series “Lost,” as well as box office movies like, “Funny Games,” “Changeling,” and “Dog Days of Summer.” He also naturally has Newt’s signature blond hair, which makes it easier for us to imagine him in the movie.

Erik J. Berg is a drama kind of guy. With him having been in “The Haunting in Conneticut” and “Random Musings of a girl named Daphna,” we can clearly see he can seem disturbed, which is (sadly) how Newt turns out to be. His up and coming movie, “Silent Night,” is also a horror, to be released later this year.

Well, that’s all we have for Newt today! Next week, we will be showing everyone who we think should be playing Minho. Two more weeks then Thomas! AHH! Leave a comment below, telling us what actors should play Minho, and poll in your votes on your pick for Newt! Thanks everyone!


Glade on!


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