Meet The AMERICAN GODS In Comic-Con Trailer

Shadow gets tangled in Wednesday’s war in the first AMERICAN GODS trailer!

Things are looking dark and foreboding in the eerie first trailer for STARZ’s new series American Gods, based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name!

The trailer introduces us to Shadow Moon, who is just about to be released from prison when he discovers that his wife, Laura, has died. We see him meet up with a man who goes by Mr. Wednesday on an airplane and soon, Shadow joins his employ. But strange secrets and occurrences follow in Wednesday’s wake, introducing Shadow to a cast of characters who have known lives beyond his wildest dreams. Now the he’s a pawn of the old gods, what can Shadow do in the war between the old and new gods?

American Gods still doesn’t have an official release date, but the series is due out sometime in 2017.


By Molly

Molly is a proud Canadian who is currently attending university in Scotland. She loves to read, write, watch films, and talk about Sarah J. Maas books. If not snuggled up with a book, Molly can usually be found tapping at the dance studio, or writing yet another essay.