Meet INSIDE OUT’s Fear and Sadness

Meet INSIDE OUT’s Fear and Sadness

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out looks to be a movie that will play with our emotions, and we can’t wait!  Today, we get a peek into the characters Fear and Sadness, played by Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, Trainwreck) and Phyllis Smith (The Office), respectively.  Fear and Sadness are two of the five character emotions that live inside each person’s brain.  And the ones that we take a look at occupy the brain of young Riley.


Fear is essentially the warning signal in Riley’s head, to ensure Riley’s safety, and apparently entertain the occasional scary movie.  Bill Hader tells us more.

Sadness mopes around looking for a moment or two to turn on the tears and let Riley have a good cry, even maybe at inopportune times.  Phyllis Smith lets us in on the details.

Inside Out opens in theaters June 19th!

Source: Yahoo!Movies

Inside Out character posters
Inside Out character posters