Meet Krystal Goderitch, The Newest ORPHAN BLACK Clone

Krystal Goderitch, the latest member of the Clone Club, got quite the initiation!

For Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, and Alison, being a self-aware clone and knowing that people are after them is pretty daunting. But poor Krystal Goderitch, the newest clone introduced on BBC America’s ORPHAN BLACK may honestly have it worse.

We first met Krystal Goderitch in the Season 2 finale in Dyad security footage of Rudy and Seth’s attack. In Season 3, we meet the ditsy nail technician working in a nearby salon. She’s rationalized the incident with Rudy and Seth as two regular ol’ psychopaths, but that doesn’t keep her safe from harm.

In a new featurette, John Fawcett, Graeme Manson, and Tatiana Maslany talk about the decision to keep Krystal involved in the plot and how the character came together:

While she’s a bit vapid, Krystal Goderitch is certainly entertaining and we can’t wait to see her interact with the other clones (assuming she makes it out of her current unfortunate situation!)