Meet THE MAGICIANS characters in these spotlight videos

Find out about The Magicians characters and what the series is about in these spotlight videos that focus on the six twenty-somethings

The Magicians characters are not quite like the Harry Potter characters, but if you’re going to compare the two (which I often loathe to do), then you might as well say that it’s like Harry Potter set in university – so a darker and sexier group of characters with a villain that has an affinity for creepy crawlies.  However, there’s not that lightness to it that surround the HP series, and there’s definitely no John Williams soundtrack to make things seems more childlike and pretty, so we can stop with the comparisons.

The Magicians is set in a secret magical university called Brakebills.  There, students learn how to develop and enhance their use of magic, much like Hogwarts.  Some of them, including some of the main characters, have even read a children’s fantasy book that influenced their interest in magic.  But when the book turns out to be true, the knowledge that danger is real becomes grave.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the first episode of The Magicians online, don’t worry, because the premiere will air on SyFy tonight, along with episode two!

But before you do that, you can get to know some of the Magicians characters through these spotlight videos.

Quentin Coldwater

Magicians characters - Quentin Coldwater

Quentin’s the wide eyed kid at Brakebills, a startling change of position from the once depressed post grad struggling for meaning. Magic finally gave Quentin something; a purpose; a belief. You can better believe he’ll do anything to keep it.

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