Meet Malcolm Polstead In The First Excerpt From Philip Pullman’s THE BOOK OF DUST

Meet Malcolm, the lead character in Philip Pullman’s HIS DARK MATERIALS companion series!

Philip Pullman is headed back to Lyra Belacqua’s world with his upcoming series The Book of Dust, a companion trilogy to the revered His Dark Materials trilogy.

Slate has the first look at the first book in the trilogy, as well as the name reveal: Volume 1 is named after the main character’s boat, La Belle Sauvage (which translates to “The Beautiful Wild”.)

In a video included with the excerpt, Philip Pullman breaks down what the new trilogy will be about and how it will help us discover even more about Lyra, despite having a new lead.

The excerpt introduces the main character of The Book of Dust, 11-year-old Malcolm Polstead. The boy lives with his parents at the Trout Inn near Oxford, which is just across the Thames river from Godstow Priory. In this peek from Chapter 10, Malcolm finds himself having a chat with Lord Asriel about his new baby, Lyra.

Malcolm, you en’t in bed yet—good. Come downstairs for a minute. There’s a gentleman wants a word with you.”

“Who is it?” said Malcolm eagerly, jumping up and following his father out.

“Keep your voice down. He’ll tell you who he is if he wants to.”

“Where is he?”

“In the Terrace Room. Take him a glass of Tokay.”

“What’s that?”

“Hungarian wine. Come on, hurry up. Mind your manners and tell the truth.”

“I always do,” said Malcolm automatically.

“News to me,” said his father. But he ruffled Malcolm’s hair before they entered the bar.

The gentleman waiting gave him a start, though all he was doing was sitting still by the cold fireplace. Perhaps it was his dæmon, a beautiful silvery spotted leopard, or perhaps it was his dark, saturnine expression; in any event, Malcolm felt daunted, and very young and small. His dæmon, Asta, became a moth.

“Good evening, sir,” he said. “Your Tokay what you ordered. Would you like me to make up the fire? It’s ever so cold in here.”

“Is your name Malcolm?” The man’s voice was harsh and deep.

“Yes, sir. Malcolm Polstead.”


La Belle Sauvage is due out on October 19, 2017. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

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