Meet Old Man Oliver Queen And The Next Green Arrow in LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s ‘Star City 2046’

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW pays tribute to ARROW history in ‘Star City 2046’!

If there’s one guarantee that the DC television universe is giving us, it’s that Oliver Queen aka Arrow is not dead 30 years from now. We’re not saying there aren’t so Lazarus Pit shenanigans involved, but when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow arrive in ‘Star City 2046,’ the man behind the hood is still kicking!

He’s not doing it alone these days. Oliver is joined by Connor Hawke (who is allegedly not his son in the series adaptation) played by Joseph David-Jones. He’s also got a new enemy who seems very familiar: Grant Wilson, the son of Slade Wilson, played by Jamie Andrew Cutler!

Check it all out in the episode preview and several new photos!


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs ‘Star City 2046’ tomorrow on The CW.


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