Meet Team 2.0 In A New ARROW Season 5 Promo

Meet the new Team Arrow, a.k.a Team 2.0, in a new promo for season 5 of ARROW!

As the premiere for season 5 of Arrow approaches trailers for the premiere episode have been focusing a lot on the new team recruited by the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell). In this new promo we learn that though the new recruits are either experienced in street fighting or genius’s, they all have a lot to learn before they can successfully begin to save their city.Arrow season 5

Nicknamed Team 2.0 (or as Wild Dog likes to put it “Robin Hood and his merry men”), the team take up the invitation and challenge themselves to work together and with the Green Arrow. Meet the new team in the promo below:

Watch the premiere of Arrow season 5 Wednesday, October 5th on The CW.

Source: Youtube