Meet Teen Mulder & Scully in X-FILES ORIGINS Novel Excerpts

THE X-FILES ORIGINS tells the stories of young Mulder & Scully as they first encounter the unknown!

You may think you know everything about The X-Files universe, but you’re about to learn quite a bit more about Dana Scully and Fox Mulder thanks to two new YA books!

Kami Garcia and Jonathan Maberry have crafted two new tales in The X-Files: Origins series: Agent of Chaos featuring Mulder and Devil’s Advocate featuring Scully, respectively. The novels will shed light on just how the characters formed their beliefs about strange and otherworldly mysteries leading up to adulthood. You’ll find out why Mulder is so eager to believe and why Scully isn’t. Now, EW has your first look at both books!


Mulder Residence 6:18 P.M.

Mulder was used to ideas getting stuck in his head. Usually, they came from Star Trek episodes or books on quantum physics. A retired military conspiracy theorist was a first. But as Mulder walked back to the school parking lot to pick up his car, he couldn’t stop thinking about his conversation with the Major—and it was still on his mind as he drove to his dad’s apartment.

After listening to Gimble’s dad talk about aliens and running an imaginary black ops unit, it seemed crazy to take him seriously, but the Major had said something that made perfect sense to Mulder because he believed it, too.

There are no coincidences.

When Samantha disappeared, people on the island had called it a coincidence. As if a kidnapper just went out for a stroll that night and happened to pass Mulder’s house when he was suddenly struck by an overwhelming urge to abduct a kid?

Yeah, right.

What were the odds?


Scully Residence

April 3, 12:33 A.M.

Sleep was no escape.

None at all.

Deep in the night, Dana seemed to wake within a dream, knowing that she was dreaming, but afraid that this was every bit as real as the waking world. She knew that she didn’t have the lexicon to even put any of this into words that would make sense. The walls between fantasy and reality were broken, crumbling, irrelevant.

And that was terrifying.

Wasn’t that what happened when the mind fractured? Wasn’t that the definition of being insane?

The dream unfolded like a movie.

She woke in her room, but she wasn’t dressed in her pajamas. Instead she wore a dark suit that was almost masculine. Navy-blue pants and jacket, white blouse, the look softened only by the lack of a tie and a thin golden necklace from which her tiny cross hung. Her hair was stiffer, shorter, styled in a severe way she would never wear. Shoes with chunky heels.

The clothes were nothing she owned, but they fit her. She felt like she belonged in them. But when she stood up, there was something odd. A weight on her hip. Dana crossed to the mirror as she unbuttoned the jacket, and when she held the flap back, she saw the gun.



A small automatic snugged into a leather holster clipped to her belt.

“What … ?” she murmured.

Both of The X-Files: Origins novels hit shelves on January 3, 2017.

You can pre-order both books via Amazon now: Agent of Chaos | Devil’s Advocate

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