Meet The Pricey STAR WARS LEGO Set With 7,541 Pieces

This new Star Wars MILLENNIUM FALCON LEGO Set is one of the biggest models of its kind.

In celebration of Force Friday II, LEGO showed off a new collection of Star Wars sets, including the impressive new Millennium Falcon ship model. The detailed set boasts 7,541 pieces and runs for $799. In addition to piecing together the complex replica, buying the set includes 10 various mini-figures and adaptable dishes for the different movies.

Check out the model below, and learn more with a LEGO reveal video:

Lego Star Wars







Force Friday II also brought a variety of other LEGO set debuts, including a First Order Star Destroyer that runs for $159.99 and a First Order Assault Walker for $149.99.


Another standout of The Last Jedi LEGO sets is the BB-8 with a rotating head and pop-out torch!

Now that you’ve seen a few of the detailed new LEGO sets, let us know if there are any that you have to buy! Is the new Millennium Falcon worth it for the minifigs and customization? Let us know in the comments and check out the rest of the photos here.

Source: EW

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