Meet The Suitors of THE HEIR, The Next Book In THE SELECTION Series

Eadlyn’s suitors are taking center stage in new promotion videos for THE HEIR!

Good news, Kiera Cass fans! THE HEIR, the next book in THE SELECTION series, is out today! The book follows America and Maxon’s daughter, Eadlyn, as she is faced with her own Selection and the mounting pressures of someday ruling Illéa. Now it’s time to meet some of her suitors thanks to new videos from Epic Reads!

America was one of 35 contestants in the original SELECTION trilogy, so we imagine there’s plenty more eligible bachelors involved in the battle for Eadlyn’s heart. We imagine that Hale, Burke, Leeland, Holden, and Ean are simply the five that will play the most interesting roles in Eadlyn’s Selection.

You can grab THE HEIR in bookstores and via eReader today!


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