Michael Flaherty on Fourth Narnia Film

In an interview with World Magazine, Michael Flaherty (the President of Walden Media) talked a little bit about the possibility of a fourth Narnia movie.

Q: So, with revenue going down and production costs remaining high, so what’s next for the Narnia movie series?
MF: There are multiple opinions on all this and a lot of different players: The C.S. Lewis estate, the studio, our company—and we’re not all of one mind. I would love to find a way where the economics work, acknowledging the decline. I’d like to do The Magician’s Nephew. Other people want to do The Silver Chair, and there’s disagreement about the economics and the overall vision of where the franchise should go next. My hope is that we may all become of one mind, but unless something providential happens there, I’m focusing on a number of other stories.

Q: So, at this moment, no deal?
MF: Nope.

It seems like Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis’ stepson) wants to do The Silver Chair but Michael Flaherty would rather The Magician’s Nephew. Flaherty talks more about Narnia in the full interview. What what book would you like to see on the big screen next?