Michael Stuhlbarg Joins Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE

DOCTOR STRANGE finds his foil in Michael Stuhlbarg!

We’ve already seen Benedict Cumberbatch sporting quite the beard on the set of Doctor Strange in Kathmandu, Nepal, but Marvel recently announced that we should be expecting actor Michael Stuhlbarg to join him soon!

Michael Stuhlbarg (Boardwalk Empire, Men In Black 3) is set to play Doctor Nicodemus West, the surgeon who fixes Stephen Strange’s hands after his devastating car accident, then follows him to Kamar-Taj to receive training from The Ancient One as well.

Though not the main villain by any means, Dr. West will likely serve as a foil for Strange. In the comics, West becomes too eager to use his medical powers and tries save others before completing training with the mystics. The consequences prove to be devastating.

stuhlbarg doctor strange

Doctor Strange will hit theaters on this same weekend next year: November 4, 2016.