Michiel Huisman Will Play A Series Regular for Game of Thrones Season 5

via Aceshowbiz
via Aceshowbiz

“Nashville” actor Muchiel huisman has signed up for a series regular role in Game of Thrones season 5. If it gets picked up, he will play Daenerys’ love interest Daario Naharis, replacing Ed Skrein who initially played Daario in season 3.

The character was first introduced in season 3 as Dany conquered two of three great Slaver Cities of Slaver’s Bay across the Narrow Sea, Astapor and Yunkai, before heading to Westeros.

There is no word yet if season 5 has a green light, but yesterday fans got awesome news with the announcement of the season 4 premiere date.

Keep checking back for more updates on Game of Thrones.

Source: Aceshowbiz

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