Misha Collins on SUPERNATURAL Episode “Goodbye Stranger”


Misha Collins is back in Supernatural, but there might be something a little off with Castiel.  It’s a bit spoilery if you haven’t seen the latest episode, “Goodbye Stranger,” you may or may not want to watch the video, but you can at the link after the jump.  

In “Goodbye Stranger,” Castiel manipulates the Winchesters into hunting down Lucifer’s crypts with a series of lies crafted by Naomi. Fortunately, Sam and Dean have developed relatively proficient internal lie-detectors, and they know right away that Castiel isn’t his usual self… whoever that usual self might be.

“We have some dialogue in this episode that’s like ‘Which Cas are you right now? Are you crazy Cas? Are you megalomaniacal Cas? Who are you? Lascivious porno-watching Cas?'” Collins tells us. “It has been yet another interesting little arc for Cas to play.”

During the episode, we’ll see Dean and Castiel leave Sam to deal with Meg and Crowley, so that they can find the crypts and the artifact that the angels are looking for. Unfortunately, Dean and Castiel don’t make the best team at the moment, because Dean has his guard up. “Sam and Dean do not trust Cas at all at this point,” Collins says. “Dean has been very distrustful of Cas all year, all Season 8, and probably much of Season 7 as well. The circle of trust has certainly been broken with them, and rightfully so, because he’s being programmed.”

While we can’t reveal what’s in the crypts, we do know that the angels are trying to find a certain tablet before the demons can get their hands on it. It’s recently been revealed that there is an angel tablet that could banish all angels from the earth forever. We know that Castiel will be back next season, so we can make the educated guess that all the angels won’t vanish, but it does beg an interesting question. Would Castiel sacrifice himself in order to get rid of all the angels?

“Cas, I think, could conceivably go kamikaze,” Collins says. “I haven’t seen that actually unfold in the story lines, but I also don’t think that Cas necessarily wants to kill off all of the angels. He does feel some allegiance to them. He feels like they’re his brothers.”

You can check out the video at Zap2it.

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