Misha Collins Talks About Castiel In Season 12 of SUPERNATURAL

Misha Collins talks about his character Castiel and what we should expect of him in SUPERNATURAL’s season 12!

Supernatural season 11 saw Lucifer enter and exit once again in the series. Now that Castiel is back to normal as himself and almost fully charged with his angel powers we can definitely see him bigger and badder as we’ve never before seen him.

Castiel is heading into Supernatural season 12 “closer to full power than we have seen him, I would say, in years,” Misha Collins tells EW. And when it comes to the impending search to find Lucifer — which we know will involve a Castiel-Crowley team-up — Collins says Cas is “coming out swinging.”

One of the best duos, other than our Winchester brothers, is teaming up to search for Lucifer and I think I speak for many fans when I say that “we literally can not wait for this!” Castiel still won’t have his wings back but he will be just as strong as he once was.

Though, with great power comes some downfalls. Cas may be at full strength but it will have some side effects like mood swings. “He’s a little bit of a jerk,” Collins says, calling Castiel “short-tempered.” With his attitude and Crowley’s temper I think we can expect some memorable moments from the two.

And if you are wondering if having Lucifer host his vessel left some after effects on Cas, Misha Collins sets our minds at ease. “No vestiges of Lucifer there, other than Castiel being left more pissed off than he was before.”

To watch the interview click the image below:

Misha collins supernatural

Supernatural returns Thursday, October 19th at 9pm ET on The CW.

Source: EW

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