Misha Collins talks SUPERNATURAL season 10

The battling trio

Warning: season 9 finale spoilers ahead.

Now that season 9 is over, some of Misha’s comments at Jus in Bello Con make a lot more sense.

Sam and Castiel are expected to work together in Season 10 to save Dean. According to the Enstars report, Misha Collins revealed at the Jus In Bello Con panel last May that Castiel is willing to sacrifice a lot when it comes to saving the Winchesters.
It looks like Castiel will still do everything he can in Season 10 to help Dean even though his angel grace is diminishing. Furthermore, the 39-year-old actor shared the mixed reaction of Team Free Will’s angel when he finally sees the demon Dean.
“I think that he really thought that he was dead. I think that Cas will react when he sees Dean…[by being] happy that Dean’s alive and then he’ll be sad that Dean’s a demon,” Collins stated. Meanwhile, the MStars News report had the “Supernatural” actor giving the fans a preview on Castiel’s war with Metatron (Curtis Armstrong).
Misha Collins thinks the Castiel-Metatron war will become personal in Season 10. “It’s been a great storyline and there’s more of it to play out in Season 10. But the cliffhanger, I can tell you, going from Season 9 into Season 10 is fantastic. It’s great,” Collins declared.

What are your predictions for how Cas will react to Dean in season 10?

Source: International Business Times