Miss Conception Films Options YA Novel SPARK For Film

Rachael Craw’s YA novel ‘Spark’ has been optioned for film!

Miss Conception Films‘ main mission is to “make films with strong female protagonists” and their newest film option, YA book Spark, fits perfectly with this mission. This fast-paced, action-packed novel is a favourite among Young Adult fans, and will surely make for a great film.

Spark follows Evie, a normal seventeen-year-old who is grieving the loss of her mother. But then suddenly she becomes a Shield, the result of an old experiment gone wrong, bound to defend her best friend from an unknown murderer. The danger could come from anywhere, even from the irresistible Jamie. Evie doesn’t know what she’s preparing for, all she knows is that it will be a fight to the death.

This trilogy  is hugely acclaimed, with multiple awards to its name, including the NZ Book Award’s Children’s Choice Award 2015, and the 2015 Silver Inky Award.

When discussing the film option, producer Ainsley Gardiner said, “Miss Conception Films is excited to be working on the film adaptation of Rachael Craw’s Spark … Making films we want to see and films we can show our children is of utmost importance.  Rachael has written a novel that speaks directly to its audience and is already very clear to articulate in a visual sense. We are looking forward to bringing it to the screen.”

President of Walker Books Australia and New Zealand, who publish the Spark trilogy, also shared her excitement, saying, “We are incredibly excited that Miss Conception Films have optioned the rights to bring Rachael Craw’s Spark to the big screen. We look forward to new fans discovering this thrilling series.”

As for the author herself, Rachael Craw says that writing the book did feel very cinematic:

“Writing Spark was a cinematic experience as I tried to capture in words the intricate detail of everything I could see, hear and feel in my mind. It’s exciting to learn others see the potential in these characters, and the world of the story, to translate from page to screen and I’m thrilled Miss Conception Films have optioned the rights.”

This book sounds like it will make a fantastic movie, so here’s hoping that this film option will pull through and that one day will get to see Spark on the big screen! But first, the Spark trilogy wraps up this fall, so make sure to catch Stray when it hits shelves on September 1st 2016.