MOANA Producer Reveals Movie’s “Lost” Storylines

Everyone knows during the course of production, that storylines change and plots get cut. Producer, Osnat Shurer, shares some of the lost storylines from Disney’s Moana. Check them out below:

At one point Moana was supposed to have seven brothers and her father is the one who wants to revive the voyages and exploration. According to Shurer they were “playing with that kind of idea, that she doesn’t get taken along even though she’s the best sailor, because she’s a girl. But then we realized that we wanted this to be a true hero’s journey, in which our hero just happens to be female; we didn’t want her flaw and her problem to be her gender.”

In earlier drafts, Heihei was ornery and angry. It wasn’t working in the story, so there was talk about cutting the character completely. The story artist were given a couple a days to tweak the character, and up with “the stupidest character in Disney history and had us crying laughing. We celebrated with a fried chicken party.”

Originally Pua the pig was supposed to go on the journey with Moana. Ultimately, the decision was Moana needed to leave all comforts of home behind on her hero’s journey.

Gramma Tala was not originally in the story. She was inspired by a woman named “Hinano Murphy who lives on Mooréa who was an integral, important part of our Oceanic story trust; she’s this incredibly inspiring woman who has created a nonprofit that brings forward the original culture of Tahiti. She has a particular wisdom, a sense of mischief, a sense of humor, and a willingness to do everything she needs to do to help the next generation learn who they are.”

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