Mockingjay Inspired Fan Film Project Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Mockingjay: Burn, a now to-be-made short fan-made film based on Katniss’ life as The Mockingjay in District 13, has passed it $6000 kickstarter goal and is going to be funded tomorrow!  There are a lot of well-thought out and creative fan projects based on The Hunger Games out there, and this one looks like it going to be in the same class as those!

mockingjay kickstarterThe official synopsis states:

Mockingjay: Burn will show Katniss’ life as the mockingjay symbol of District 13’s rebellion juxtaposed with glimpses of the Capitol’s extravagant lifestyles. We aim to create a short film stylistically reminiscent of District 9 that provides a gritty, more realistic depiction of war, while at the same time staying true to the characters, relationships and events in Mockingjay. We LOVE the official movies, but we want to realize our own vision of Suzanne Collins’ universe because we’re die-hard fans of the books! This is a fan film and is not affiliated with Lionsgate or Suzanne Collins. 

For those of you who backed this project  click here for updates — the latest being an announcement that all backers are being invited to attend the premiere of the film!  And if you haven’t yet, check out the trailer below.

Thanks to DWTC for the tip!




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